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Dragon Timers: Release 2

The new release of dragon timers is out! I re-wrote much of the core of the app. NOTE to users: It no longer has a countdown timer since it no longer uses timers. 

Instead, the app now uses ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 API for Dynamic Event Timers which is directly linked with the server timers of a specific world. 


WvW Rankings Error

WARNING: WvW Rankings app is currently crashing due to a DOM change at the server level. A client fix is currently being written and will hopefully be deployed no later than 24-48 hours from now depending on how quickly Microsoft certifies and publishes the update. 

Dragon Timers


Dragon Timers is now in the Windows 8 store! Keeps track of the various world bosses throughout Tyria via data from It will alert you whenever a boss has spawned or is in its spawn timers, assuming the timer data retrieved is accurate.

Future releases will hopefully have an update timer submit option; it did not make initial release due to incompatibilities between the Temple Timers submit scripts and Windows 8 that were causing infinite PHP loops.

New App: Guild Wars 2 – WvW Rankings

New App in the Windows Store! A simple and clean Windows 8 app that fetches and displays data from


Version 1.3.6. Optimizations

Made changes to the primary RSS engine to improve performance at a sacrifice of image precision for lower resource machines, particularly tablets.

Debug and release tests show the status updates in the splash screen are working again.

Time will tell if the actual post-certification release maintains the aforementioned stability improvements.

Version 1.3.5. is Live!

After this version is released, I will likely be taking a hiatus to focus on college and the proverbial job hunt. If I receive any responses from the MMO-Champion admins/moderators showing enthusiasm for the app, I will continue development. Happy Holidays everyone!

Upcoming Features!

The response to the app has been overwhelming positive! I want to thank everyone for their support.

To get to the meat of the post, there are some critical and planned features I want to incorporate, and I want to give users a glimpse on planned features:

Critical Features:

  • Extended splash screen with loading statuses to make the experience feel more fluid. [V1.3.0]
  • Higher thumbnail first load reliability. [V1.3.0]


  • WoWDB Tooltips! This was originally planned during early alpha stages, but complications arose due to Windows 8 suppressing tool-tips from showing. Investigating possible workarounds after version 1.3.0 is released.
  • Blizzard posts filled out in bold blue.
  • User control options over text formatting such as font size, column width, and eventually column style/direction.

And… MMO-Champion hopefully coming soon to:

MMO-Champion News Feed App

Now available from the Windows Store!