Dragon Timers


Dragon Timers is now in the Windows 8 store! Keeps track of the various world bosses throughout Tyria via data from Guildwarstemple.com. It will alert you whenever a boss has spawned or is in its spawn timers, assuming the timer data retrieved is accurate.

Future releases will hopefully have an update timer submit option; it did not make initial release due to incompatibilities between the Temple Timers submit scripts and Windows 8 that were causing infinite PHP loops.


2 responses to “Dragon Timers

  • giftzwerg

    can you grade a App for Windows phone 7.8 / 8

    • Arctic Coder

      If there is enough interest and time, I will. It is a whole different proverbial ball-game for me since It’d have to be written in C#. Luckily, though, the new GW2 API should make things much easier.

      Also, there is already another app on the Windows Phone market called “Dragon Timer”; however, at the time of writing this, it still only lists the three dragons.

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